Josephine’s Job – Finished!

Update: You can download the story for free here: Josephine’s Job – Jourdan Cameron

Remember the short story I posted at the last minute of 2013, Josephine’s Job? Well, that was the initial draft of the story- rough, unfinished and in need of help. What I present today is the final draft of Josephine’s Job– a longer, prettier version of the initial story. I’ve made a few changes and improved the overall structure of the story- I received plenty of great feedback, and it helped me to give the story a better sense of direction (among other things).

If you’re wondering what Josephine’s Job is about, I’ll tell you: it’s a day in the life of Josephine, an employee at Stuqe. Stuqe is a multi-billion dollar medical conglomerate responsible for having done many terrible things- their specialty, however, is human cloning. Josephine is also a character in Me Squared– I wanted to write more about her, so I decided to give a little more insight into her character with this short story. Enjoy!

Right now, it’s up on Amazon for free. If you’re a Kindle owner, grab it and enjoy! If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t despair; Amazon has a solution for you. Because the story’s so short, I’ve decided to keep it as a freebie. Eventually, Amazon will change the price to $0.99- if you’d like to buy it at the price in order to support me as an indie author, be my guest. The story, however, will always be free. When Amazon changes the price, I’ll make it available to download for free from here.

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