I’ll Be on Television Soon

As I count down the days to the Nutmeg Book Festival, I eagerly await another great event: my first television appearance here in the United States. While I was on television once in Antigua (a short story for another day), my first time here in the USA will be on A New Day, a television show hosted by Daphne Clarke-Hudson on Charter’s CommunityVision21– our interview will air sometime in the coming months. Once I have the airdate I’ll be sure to share it, so keep your eyes open for it!


Meanwhile… The author life goes on. I’ve been working on a somewhat secret project (hint: it involves plenty of writing), and I’ve been getting ready to have my book published at long last. It’s a bit of a lengthy process, but it’s a worthwhile one- I mostly can’t wait to have my book off the ground. If you’ll be in New Milford on November 23, 2013, come visit me at the Nutmeg Book Festival– I’ll be signing copies of Me Squared.

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