What Is Me Squared?

My name is Jourdan Cameron and I’m the author of Me2. It’s a book about family, cloning, and the ethical dilemma around cloning humans. I feel that my book is going to raise a lot of questions, and I’d like to answer a few of them here.

What’s Your Book About?

Me2 is a book about a boy named Hildan Hegennerry and the adventure he goes on after learning he has a clone.

What’s Your Book Really About?

Alright, in all seriousness Me2 is about a lot of things. For the most part, it’s about Hildan discovering what it means to have a brother- it’s the story of how a clone became part of his family. Then, too, Me2 explores the ethical implications of human cloning- is it right? Is it wrong? Should you care?

While I definitely wanted me book to make readers think about the ethical dilemma around cloning, I didn’t want to make up anybody’s mind- I don’t think I’m the one to say “yeah, human cloning’s a great idea, get behind it,” but I’m also not going to condemn genetic research. Me2 looks at the issue from both sides, but, ultimately, leaves the issues to the reader.

This isn’t to suggest that Me2 is at all indecisive in it’s message. Though I suppose I have some bias in favor of my own book, I feel that the message on the value of family- no matter what form they take- comes through loud and clear.

Who Did You Write Me2 For?

Me2 is a YA book,  so I’m going to say “young people”. That being said, kids as young as middle schoolers and folks as… Folks as experienced as adults seem to appreciate the book. Frankly, if you enjoy adventures, sci-fi and drama, you’ll love Me2.

What Inspired Me2?

Everything I’ve ever read, played, watched, or otherwise experienced. Chief among these experiences are the books of my childhood. A Series of Unfortunate Events had a strong influence on my writing style- if you’ve already experienced Snicket’s marvelous prose; it’d be a mistake not to mention him.

Then, too, is Ray Bradbury’s wonderful style of sci-fi- he didn’t just write fictional science, but he wrote fiction about and revolving around science- he had great characters and worlds; he didn’t write dry accounts of strange happenings on other planets, but stories about the people inhabiting them. I realized through him that while being creative with the scientific aspect of a story is important, it’s only a small part of a much bigger whole. Having good characters and a strong plot sets apart a good story from an essay.

As I’ve said before, Me2 is a story about family- Swiss Family Robinson, by Johann David Wyss, gave me a bit of inspiration regarding the family dynamic of Me2.  It also inspired some other aspects of my book, though it would be a tremendous spoiler if I were to specify what those are.

While Me2 isn’t a dystopia, it definitely takes some inspiration from other dystopian works- Fahrenheit 451Mirror’s Edge and Brave New World have all had an impact on some elements of my book.

Is Your Book Me Squared or Me2?

Both- the superscripted “2” sometimes causes issues with formatting.

When Can I Buy Me2?

Me2 is available to purchase right now via Amazon.- Be sure to like our Facebook page so you can hear the latest news about the book and the author!

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